Friday, December 12, 2014

Only 19 week to go

On Tuesday I went to get a 4D ultrasound done, I just couldn't
wait any longer to find out the sex of little baby Murray. Now, this is one STUBBORN baby!! The ultrasound itself took the good part of an hour and for almost that entire time baby had its bum facing us, cord between the legs and wouldn't stop moving. SOOO, because it was moving so much this is the best shot we could get of the wee one.

Whenever the technician poked or shook my belly to get the precious one to stop using my placenta as a pillow and roll over, I swear to God this baby raised its fist at us......Great, its going to have an attitude like is momma.

HOWEVER, we were able to determine the gender which was the whole reason I went for the ultrasound, best $75 I have ever spent lol

I had my regular appointment with my OBGYN yesterday and the heart beat was 150-155 bpm which is really good. She could also hear the baby moving around with the Doppler machine and told me that I was going to lose weight like crazy once baby was born because I would have my hands

I have had to resort to maternity jeans, this was hard for but let me tell you with an expanding belly that is very delicate to any kind of pressure, these are the best jeans I have ever worn in my entire life.. I love them, and wish I could wear them all the time. This picture was about a month ago...bump is significantly larger now. Not to mention the boobs, WTF in 5 months I have gone up 2 full cup sizes and I'm almost thinking its about time to go up one more. I'm going to go broke buying bras !!

Just got a call yesterday and on January 6th I will be going for my Fetal Assessment Scan at Kingston General Hospital. I'm not crazy about having to drive all the way to Kingston to have it done, but Dr tells me that the imagery is much better there. I want them to get the best look possible at the heart, lungs, and all those other important organs, so I will put my big girl panties on and just deal with it.

That's all I've got for now.............................well there is this....

             We are having our baby Isabel.....Isabel Ava Murray

For anyone who doesn't know, Isabel was my grandmothers name and I have always wanted to honour her memory by naming a little girl after her..and now I can!!