Saturday, July 19, 2014

Out of commission

Ready to go

Went for our jog Friday morning around 5am, did my 5 minute warm up walk and a few of 60 second jogs which I'm still doing around 30 seconds of. My hips and legs were bothering me before we even left the house.  I'm not sure if it is was because it was so cold and damp that morning or what, but everything ached. 

After a little while my hip was really starting to bother me, so I think I think I was walking funny to                                                           
try and keep weight off my hip, all of a sudden my ankle just decided that it was going to crap out on me. Anyway long story short, I fell twisted my ankle and as I landed I did something to my back. I got up and sat on the bleacher waiting for Darren to finish. When we finally did get home I put some frozen pineapple chunks on ankle (its the first frozen bag we found in the So I spent most of Friday just laying on the couch, now its Saturday morning and my back is so sore I can barely walk, I can't even stand up straight. I am guessing the majority of today will be spent in bed with Tylenol close by. I should have listened when I was told to get something to support my ankles, but I was never very good at following directions.

Seems Mr. Murray has been cheating on the dieting front...Found this wrapper when I got into the van. Now I'm not judging or anything, because I think you are doing fantastic....BUUUUT if you are complaining about your miniscule amount of belly fat, then MAYBE just MAYBE you should stick to the diet and lay off the ice cream...or at least have the decency to properly dispose of the evidence!

Darren finished week 2 today and is ready to move on to week 3. He is doing fantastic, kinda pisses me He never stops for a break, never
Man Down!!
complains about being in pain (other than the odd backache). He has already lost weight, despite the cheating. We had to go out and get new work out clothes for him because his pants kept falling down while he was jogging. He has been able to put on and do up jeans that didn't fit 2 weeks ago!! Why is it so much easier for men to lose weight than it is for women?? It just isn't fair! I think he is going to start doing some work with weights now because he really wants to build up strength and muscle in his arms (which I also think look great just as they are). Good job Babe...Even if I can't do it on Monday I'll be there in the bleachers watching you. 

 So, I was talking before about how one of my legs was getting smaller than the other and it was looking kind of is what I was talking about....
 My right leg has slimmed down quite a bit, yet my left leg has either stayed the same or gotten bigger I can't tell..either way it is looking It is my right hip that generally bothers me the most so maybe I'm working harder on that side, I have no idea but I hope things start to even out soon.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Wanna go for a walk?

So it was 5am and I was wide awake...didn't want to clean but felt like I should be doing something productive so I decided to go for a walk at the track. I'm not sure how thrilled Darren was since this is supposed to be our day off, but it wasn't like I was asking him to run or 

Yup, I did that!!

I am so glad that I went, I hit a big milestone for myself today...I walked for a total of 1 hour and 57 seconds. My not seem like a big deal to some people but for me this is huge!!.

Big Wuss

My Dear Husband pussed out at 34 minutes and went to sit in the grandstand,
I'd like to think he was cheering me on...but its more likely that he was sleeping, until the rain started.


I have to say I'm pretty pleased with myself. At around 45 minutes my ass was starting to drag, the rain was starting and I wanted to get finished the last lap and go home....But as I was listening to my iPod a very appropriate song came on and it gave me the determination to continue for another 15 minutes!! This was a song that was very important to me when I was deciding to have weight loss surgery, so I thought it was quite fitting that it just randomly came on when I was ready to give up.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Dogs On Loan

Tiny is ready to go

Darren & Winston
Really don't have much to write about today. We borrowed our friends 2 Great Danes Winston and Tiny because my old boy just tires out too quickly.

Lets do this!
I found out why my feet were hurting me....I wasn't landing properly, I was jogging and landing on my toes. So I paid more attention to my feet today and make sure I was landing properly and, what do you feet don't hurt. I also made sure that I wasn't hunched or leaning forward and made sure that my feet were landing under me. Just those little changes made sure a difference in the way I felt afterwards.

Winston had to take a little stop to bask in the beauty of the morning...Can't say that I blame him, it was a gorgeous morning

1/2 way

I ran a total of 4 minutes and 45 seconds today, I'm pretty damn proud of that. The only thing that was sore today was my knee (just a little) and my back, probably because I was concentrating so hard on staying upright and not leaning forward. As much as I love going to the canal to do our jogging, I think the track is a much better choice for my body.

All done!!

Heading home gross and sweaty

Friday, July 11, 2014

Anniversary Jog

3:45am and ready to go
My rant from Wednesday is over and I'm feeling much better...Wedesday morning  I had an early morning wake up call from England to ensure that I was ready for my run...I guess I wasn't. I was really down on myself until later that night the "British Sadist" reminded me that the night before we had been drinking, ate pizza and it was my time of the month, so no wonder I struggled so much. Today is a new day and our 7th wedding anniversary and I can't think of a better way to celebrate than getting all hot and sweaty with a nice early morning workout at 3:50am.

So smooth

We had our oatmeal this morning and it was FABULOUS. I had made this Jam last week with fruit, chia seeds and honey and holy smokes if I were putting that on my oatmeal I could eat the stuff every morning (will post recipe at the bottom). We (I) decided that since it was still so dark out, that it was probably not a good idea to go on the trail this morning because of the bats and coyotes. So instead we headed over to the track at the highschool. This turned out to be an awesome decision

The track was smooth, not like the trail that is just a dirt road with pebbles and potholes that you can break your ankle in. I found that walking and jogging on the track was so much easier on my whole
1/2 way mark
body. After my mini-meltdown the other day I got thinking and I had decided that I was just going to walk and power walk when it was time to jog. By England being the pusher he is wasn't going to let me off that easy. We came to a compromise....I would do the 5 minute walk, then 30second jog and 30 second power walk. My God this made it so much more achievable. Today was the first day I didn't feel like a total and complete failure. Did the 5 minute warm up walk, jogged the first and last full 60 seconds and for each one in between I did the 30 second split between jogging and power walking.

All done
  Don't get me wrong, it didn't make
it so easy that it was a walk in the park, I still struggled but I also didn't want to jump in the van and quit. I had no anxiety today and no panic attacks. My knees weren't bothering me my hips were ok. I started to get stomach cramps near the end but I think that was from drinking too much water. Also my feet were getting really sore up behind my toes, I think I'm not landing on my feet properly with each step. I will have to ask England about that. I was tired when we finished but not totally exhausted and feeling like I was going to lay down and die.

Finished wk2
I have to say I am very proud of Darren we decided that week 1 was not just not challenging enough for him anymore. He wasn't even breaking a sweat, so today he moved on to week 2, Good job Darren. Tomorrow we will be going out to buy him some new track pants because with all this exercising and healthy food he has lost some weight. While running today his track pants were almost falling to his He said when he first started the week 2 podcast he felt like his heart was going to explode but the lady told him how to breath properly and it was easier for him after that.

Since it was our Anniversary.....And being as we were already up  and had gotten our exercise on, not even 5:30 yet. I decided to be nice and see if Darren wanted to go and get some fishing in down at the canal where we normally run. Its always so beautiful down there and I wouldn't mind just sitting and watching. So we stopped to pick up some coffee and worms and headed down to the canal. I was right, it was gorgeous, so he set to fishing I watched for a bit and slowly became bored out of my skull. So while he fished, I watched Ruby and old Liverpool FC matches on my cell It was the perfect morning 

Here is the recipe for the Jam

I made mine with Strawberries and Raspberries, I also used less honey because I don't like it too sweet and probably about 3-4tbsp of Chia Seeds because I wanted it thicker. This shit is amazing guys!!! I added extra chopped up strawberries when it came out of the blender and its seriously tastes just like a fresh fruit puree. Its one for my recipe book that's for sure

Now to enjoy my weekend of World Cup Fooball!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Feeling Defeated

Not a great morning, don't have anything to say other than I'm really pissed with myself. Went out, did 1/2 the podcast, jogged 3 times, fast walked once....My lungs were ready to explode, heart was racing, which made anxiety come to visit and a panic attack started....So I did what I do best and gave up.....I'm just too fat for this shit....That is all!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Week 1 part 3

I decided to do week 1 over AGAIN. There really isn't much sense moving forward on to week 2 when I am still unable to jog each 60 second interval on week 1. So here I am again, trying really hard not to get down on myself because I can't do it..I know I can, its just going to take time...slow and steady wins the race right??

Yesterday was the first day that we introduced weights into the mix. I wanted to use my 5lb weights but was quickly informed that those are "just too light" He (Sadist) wanted at least 10 or 15lbs, of course I opted for the 10lbs LOL. He kindly showed me how to properly do the 2 exercises that are to be done on the days we aren't jogging. 

Exercise One

Exercise Two
 (Exercise #1) I am to do with no weights for now, and its pretty straightforward. Elbow to waist, arm straight back, 3 sets of 10 reps.  (Exercise #2) on the other hand its much harder for me. Have to keep your elbows close to your head, which I'm finding a little difficult.  This one I am to do 3 sets of 6-8 reps. By the last 2-3 list of the 3rd set my arms were shaking, but I finished them all. Now today the back of my arms feel like they have bricks in them and are REALLY sore. But I am told its a "sweet pain" Whatever, pain is 

5am and ready to get going
Now Back to the jogging......Alarm set for 4am and when it went off I woke up with a pounding headache and it was starting to rain. I thought, "nope not doing it" and rolled over to go back to sleep.
That didn't happen, I started to feel guilty and realized if I didn't get up and go the only person I am cheating is myself. So I rolled my ass out of bed and got ready. Boy and I glad I did, today was by far the best day yet. We got down to the canal and it was just a light drizzle, no big deal. I set off in one direction and Darren set off in the other with Griff. Once the 5 minute warm up walk was over, it was time for the first 60second jog...and I was able to do the full 60seconds!! I know this doesn't sound like a big deal to some, but to me this is HUGE. There are a total of 8 of those 60second jogs on the week 1 podcast. Today I was able to jog for five of them, of those five I did three full 60seconds and the other two were 30sec run 30 sec walking fast. The remaining three were just fast walking as I was starting to fade and my legs were not going to carry me anymore. 

1/2 Way

My hips and knees didn't hurt much this time, it was actually my right calf that was sore. Cramping
really bad and with  every step it felt like someone was stabbing me.  Chest was sore, I need to learn how to breath properly because whenever it is time to jog I've noticed that I hold my breath and i'm pretty sure that isn't a good think.. haha. Other than that today was fairly pain free!

Griffin finished with me
Keeping the big guy hydrated

Just a little wet

Once we got home I decided to walk a little longer, so did an extra 10 minutes or so. I got Darren to drop me off at the road and I walked back to the house by myself. This is a MASSIVE feat for me because of my anxiety. Normally panic would have started as soon as he started driving away, but I walked back to the house and kept right on going.

Its almost 9am now, we have had our breakfast of egg whites and a slice of 12 grain bread. Also today was the first day that we added a Glutamine supplement after our workout. Its just a powder and you add 1tsp to 6-8oz of water, has no taste but is a little gritty so may try it with OJ next time instead of water. It is used to assist in muscle cell repair after exercise, also used for depression,
moodiness, irritability, anxiety and insomnia. Anyone who knows me, knows that of that list....I have every one of those things. Soooo, its probably a good choice adding this supplement to our routine.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Week 1 Do-Over

Yes that's right, I am being forced by the "British Sadist" to re-do week 1. He thinks we cheated!! Here is what happened....The second run of week 1, all was going well and we were about half way through the podcast and it started to rain. Darren and I decided that we would stop (not quit) go home and use our Gazelle instead. So I did 45 minutes on the gazelle while watching the first half of the soccer game, and yes I did break out in a sweat. This apparently was not the right decision so I have been informed. I guess this Canadian is a little more delicate than that crazy Brit, because my fat ass doesn't like walking/jogging in the rain lol. 

Overall though Week 1 first round went well. I wasn't able to jog much, just a fast walk all 3 days, but that is still something that I am proud of. As for aches and pains, ya I had them...My knees and hip hurt which I was totally expecting. What I wasn't expecting was how much my boobs were going to Note to self: need a better sports bra for the girls

Just Getting Started
So today was the second day to week one part 2, we were up at 4am, had our oatmeal and were out the door with Griffin. Got down to the Canal and it was lovely (aside from the blood sucking mosquitoes, those little bastards love me). Darren set off with Griffin, and I set off in the opposite direction. Cheery English lady told me it was time for my 5 minute warm up, piece of cake. Then it was first 60sec run....I made it about 30 seconds and then did a fast walk for the other 30 and did this for each time she told me to run except the last one..I actually did run the full 60 seconds that time. It was the same pattern on Monday, I'm working my way up to the full 60sec...I will get there!!

Yup, I'm Dying!!
Half way and getting hot

As much as I was ready to quit, I didn't.....I pressed on doing the 30 sec jog, 30 sec 1/2 jog, and 90 second brisk walk (not so sure my brisk is what they are looking for, but its what they are going to get, I'm not trying to kill myself here). When the cheery lady told me it was time for my last 60sec run, I decided to run. I just kept telling myself "you can do this" Even though my lungs and legs were telling me otherwise. By this time Darren and I had switched and I had Griffin with me, even the old boy was starting to get tired lol. We managed to finish and complete our last 5 minute walk to cool down. Darren wanted to sit by the water for awhile, I on the other hand just wanted to get home and jump the shower because I was sweating like a pig.

Even Griffin is Protesting

Hot and Sweaty