Monday, July 14, 2014

Dogs On Loan

Tiny is ready to go

Darren & Winston
Really don't have much to write about today. We borrowed our friends 2 Great Danes Winston and Tiny because my old boy just tires out too quickly.

Lets do this!
I found out why my feet were hurting me....I wasn't landing properly, I was jogging and landing on my toes. So I paid more attention to my feet today and make sure I was landing properly and, what do you feet don't hurt. I also made sure that I wasn't hunched or leaning forward and made sure that my feet were landing under me. Just those little changes made sure a difference in the way I felt afterwards.

Winston had to take a little stop to bask in the beauty of the morning...Can't say that I blame him, it was a gorgeous morning

1/2 way

I ran a total of 4 minutes and 45 seconds today, I'm pretty damn proud of that. The only thing that was sore today was my knee (just a little) and my back, probably because I was concentrating so hard on staying upright and not leaning forward. As much as I love going to the canal to do our jogging, I think the track is a much better choice for my body.

All done!!

Heading home gross and sweaty

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  1. It was a lot easier jogging with Winston and Tiny then Griffin.
    you did great today. :) so proud of you!!!