Friday, July 11, 2014

Anniversary Jog

3:45am and ready to go
My rant from Wednesday is over and I'm feeling much better...Wedesday morning  I had an early morning wake up call from England to ensure that I was ready for my run...I guess I wasn't. I was really down on myself until later that night the "British Sadist" reminded me that the night before we had been drinking, ate pizza and it was my time of the month, so no wonder I struggled so much. Today is a new day and our 7th wedding anniversary and I can't think of a better way to celebrate than getting all hot and sweaty with a nice early morning workout at 3:50am.

So smooth

We had our oatmeal this morning and it was FABULOUS. I had made this Jam last week with fruit, chia seeds and honey and holy smokes if I were putting that on my oatmeal I could eat the stuff every morning (will post recipe at the bottom). We (I) decided that since it was still so dark out, that it was probably not a good idea to go on the trail this morning because of the bats and coyotes. So instead we headed over to the track at the highschool. This turned out to be an awesome decision

The track was smooth, not like the trail that is just a dirt road with pebbles and potholes that you can break your ankle in. I found that walking and jogging on the track was so much easier on my whole
1/2 way mark
body. After my mini-meltdown the other day I got thinking and I had decided that I was just going to walk and power walk when it was time to jog. By England being the pusher he is wasn't going to let me off that easy. We came to a compromise....I would do the 5 minute walk, then 30second jog and 30 second power walk. My God this made it so much more achievable. Today was the first day I didn't feel like a total and complete failure. Did the 5 minute warm up walk, jogged the first and last full 60 seconds and for each one in between I did the 30 second split between jogging and power walking.

All done
  Don't get me wrong, it didn't make
it so easy that it was a walk in the park, I still struggled but I also didn't want to jump in the van and quit. I had no anxiety today and no panic attacks. My knees weren't bothering me my hips were ok. I started to get stomach cramps near the end but I think that was from drinking too much water. Also my feet were getting really sore up behind my toes, I think I'm not landing on my feet properly with each step. I will have to ask England about that. I was tired when we finished but not totally exhausted and feeling like I was going to lay down and die.

Finished wk2
I have to say I am very proud of Darren we decided that week 1 was not just not challenging enough for him anymore. He wasn't even breaking a sweat, so today he moved on to week 2, Good job Darren. Tomorrow we will be going out to buy him some new track pants because with all this exercising and healthy food he has lost some weight. While running today his track pants were almost falling to his He said when he first started the week 2 podcast he felt like his heart was going to explode but the lady told him how to breath properly and it was easier for him after that.

Since it was our Anniversary.....And being as we were already up  and had gotten our exercise on, not even 5:30 yet. I decided to be nice and see if Darren wanted to go and get some fishing in down at the canal where we normally run. Its always so beautiful down there and I wouldn't mind just sitting and watching. So we stopped to pick up some coffee and worms and headed down to the canal. I was right, it was gorgeous, so he set to fishing I watched for a bit and slowly became bored out of my skull. So while he fished, I watched Ruby and old Liverpool FC matches on my cell It was the perfect morning 

Here is the recipe for the Jam

I made mine with Strawberries and Raspberries, I also used less honey because I don't like it too sweet and probably about 3-4tbsp of Chia Seeds because I wanted it thicker. This shit is amazing guys!!! I added extra chopped up strawberries when it came out of the blender and its seriously tastes just like a fresh fruit puree. Its one for my recipe book that's for sure

Now to enjoy my weekend of World Cup Fooball!!

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  1. You did great today. as I walked or jogged on the other side of the field I could see you jogging. made me so proud to see you jogging., Yes I need a smaller pair of track pants. i lost count how many times i had to pull my pants up. and it was a lot easier jogging with out griffin lol. I love you and again I'm proud of you. And a big Thank you to England for telling about the couch to 5 k.