Monday, July 7, 2014

Week 1 part 3

I decided to do week 1 over AGAIN. There really isn't much sense moving forward on to week 2 when I am still unable to jog each 60 second interval on week 1. So here I am again, trying really hard not to get down on myself because I can't do it..I know I can, its just going to take time...slow and steady wins the race right??

Yesterday was the first day that we introduced weights into the mix. I wanted to use my 5lb weights but was quickly informed that those are "just too light" He (Sadist) wanted at least 10 or 15lbs, of course I opted for the 10lbs LOL. He kindly showed me how to properly do the 2 exercises that are to be done on the days we aren't jogging. 

Exercise One

Exercise Two
 (Exercise #1) I am to do with no weights for now, and its pretty straightforward. Elbow to waist, arm straight back, 3 sets of 10 reps.  (Exercise #2) on the other hand its much harder for me. Have to keep your elbows close to your head, which I'm finding a little difficult.  This one I am to do 3 sets of 6-8 reps. By the last 2-3 list of the 3rd set my arms were shaking, but I finished them all. Now today the back of my arms feel like they have bricks in them and are REALLY sore. But I am told its a "sweet pain" Whatever, pain is 

5am and ready to get going
Now Back to the jogging......Alarm set for 4am and when it went off I woke up with a pounding headache and it was starting to rain. I thought, "nope not doing it" and rolled over to go back to sleep.
That didn't happen, I started to feel guilty and realized if I didn't get up and go the only person I am cheating is myself. So I rolled my ass out of bed and got ready. Boy and I glad I did, today was by far the best day yet. We got down to the canal and it was just a light drizzle, no big deal. I set off in one direction and Darren set off in the other with Griff. Once the 5 minute warm up walk was over, it was time for the first 60second jog...and I was able to do the full 60seconds!! I know this doesn't sound like a big deal to some, but to me this is HUGE. There are a total of 8 of those 60second jogs on the week 1 podcast. Today I was able to jog for five of them, of those five I did three full 60seconds and the other two were 30sec run 30 sec walking fast. The remaining three were just fast walking as I was starting to fade and my legs were not going to carry me anymore. 

1/2 Way

My hips and knees didn't hurt much this time, it was actually my right calf that was sore. Cramping
really bad and with  every step it felt like someone was stabbing me.  Chest was sore, I need to learn how to breath properly because whenever it is time to jog I've noticed that I hold my breath and i'm pretty sure that isn't a good think.. haha. Other than that today was fairly pain free!

Griffin finished with me
Keeping the big guy hydrated

Just a little wet

Once we got home I decided to walk a little longer, so did an extra 10 minutes or so. I got Darren to drop me off at the road and I walked back to the house by myself. This is a MASSIVE feat for me because of my anxiety. Normally panic would have started as soon as he started driving away, but I walked back to the house and kept right on going.

Its almost 9am now, we have had our breakfast of egg whites and a slice of 12 grain bread. Also today was the first day that we added a Glutamine supplement after our workout. Its just a powder and you add 1tsp to 6-8oz of water, has no taste but is a little gritty so may try it with OJ next time instead of water. It is used to assist in muscle cell repair after exercise, also used for depression,
moodiness, irritability, anxiety and insomnia. Anyone who knows me, knows that of that list....I have every one of those things. Soooo, its probably a good choice adding this supplement to our routine.


  1. You truly are doing an amazing job. today as I was on my walk part i could see you jog and i was very happy and proud to see you jog :) little by little we will both get there

  2. Thanks for staying on week 1 with me even though you could totally move on to wk2

  3. Holy balls woman, you are truly amazing.

  4. You can already see a change in your face. Keep it up Missy! xo Mom

  5. I'm super proud of you and Darren for doing this program especially in that crazy rain this morning. Good job you two!!.....Cassie