Saturday, July 19, 2014

Out of commission

Ready to go

Went for our jog Friday morning around 5am, did my 5 minute warm up walk and a few of 60 second jogs which I'm still doing around 30 seconds of. My hips and legs were bothering me before we even left the house.  I'm not sure if it is was because it was so cold and damp that morning or what, but everything ached. 

After a little while my hip was really starting to bother me, so I think I think I was walking funny to                                                           
try and keep weight off my hip, all of a sudden my ankle just decided that it was going to crap out on me. Anyway long story short, I fell twisted my ankle and as I landed I did something to my back. I got up and sat on the bleacher waiting for Darren to finish. When we finally did get home I put some frozen pineapple chunks on ankle (its the first frozen bag we found in the So I spent most of Friday just laying on the couch, now its Saturday morning and my back is so sore I can barely walk, I can't even stand up straight. I am guessing the majority of today will be spent in bed with Tylenol close by. I should have listened when I was told to get something to support my ankles, but I was never very good at following directions.

Seems Mr. Murray has been cheating on the dieting front...Found this wrapper when I got into the van. Now I'm not judging or anything, because I think you are doing fantastic....BUUUUT if you are complaining about your miniscule amount of belly fat, then MAYBE just MAYBE you should stick to the diet and lay off the ice cream...or at least have the decency to properly dispose of the evidence!

Darren finished week 2 today and is ready to move on to week 3. He is doing fantastic, kinda pisses me He never stops for a break, never
Man Down!!
complains about being in pain (other than the odd backache). He has already lost weight, despite the cheating. We had to go out and get new work out clothes for him because his pants kept falling down while he was jogging. He has been able to put on and do up jeans that didn't fit 2 weeks ago!! Why is it so much easier for men to lose weight than it is for women?? It just isn't fair! I think he is going to start doing some work with weights now because he really wants to build up strength and muscle in his arms (which I also think look great just as they are). Good job Babe...Even if I can't do it on Monday I'll be there in the bleachers watching you. 

 So, I was talking before about how one of my legs was getting smaller than the other and it was looking kind of is what I was talking about....
 My right leg has slimmed down quite a bit, yet my left leg has either stayed the same or gotten bigger I can't tell..either way it is looking It is my right hip that generally bothers me the most so maybe I'm working harder on that side, I have no idea but I hope things start to even out soon.

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