Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Oops, I forgot some stuff

Sorry about that, I forgot to add this into the previous blog.

The last week, i've been feeling very sick...tired...dizzy...weak...almost a feeling of being high or stoned. The one day I went to lay down at 11am and slept right through until 2pm the next afternoon. Only waking up to use the washroom and to eat something. I thought maybe I wasn't getting enough protien, so i was eating eggs, cheese...etc. Then I got thinking about how much water I'd been drinking and started to add it up. I was drinking far less than i should have been drinking. The thought of drinking water was making me gag and crystal light wasn't helping any. I got some suggestions from fellow Loser's, and the most repeated suggestion was decaf Tea. I've started to drink it and its going down very well and staying down. So i think that is going to be my new beverage for awhile.
So if you don't' want to feel like crap...DRINK YOUR WATER!! and take your vitamins regularly

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