Wednesday, February 18, 2015

We are in the Homestretch now

We now have just a short 9 weeks and 1 day to go!! Its just amazing, I never thought I would be pregnant and here I am thinking about labour and delivery....which by the way is pretty scary and I wouldn't recommend watching youtube videos, nothing good can come from it LOL. My OBGYN thinks that a vaginal birth would be best for me....BUT, I may not be able to have an epidural because of my we may have to have a little

So, what has been happening......hmmm... Back at the beginning of January at 24 weeks pregnant I went to Kingston General Hospital to have my Fetal Anatomy Scan done. Takes about an hour but they measure EVERYTHING Baby is measured from crown to rump, around her middle, around her head — and that's just for starters. The four chambers of the heart are viewed, as well as the kidneys, bladder, stomach, brain, spine and sex organs. Organs, including the umbilical cord, ensures that they are developing normally. They also be look at your amniotic fluid levels, the location of the placenta, and the fetal heart rate. So its a pretty important scan I wasn't going to do it at first, but when I saw just how much they needed to look at I changed my mind. This way if they did find a problem with little baby girl they would be prepared when birth time comes. As usual she was a wiggly little bugger in there and it was hard to get a good picture of her...I think she is waiting until she is here to make her big reveal...we did however get one semi decent picture....and let me tell you, there is no denying that she has MY nose.....I do hope she grows into the "fish lips" though
I was really nervous to find out the results of my scan, I went to see the OBGYN 2 weeks later and it felt like a year....but I had nothing to be worried about, everything was fine. She was about 1 lb more than she should be at that stage, but they said that could even out later on, so not to be concerned.

We have been working like crazy to get the nursery all set up and I think we are just about done, aside from hanging a set of blinds, but of course we have a lot of time because for the first month or 2 she will be sleeping in the bedroom with us in a cradle. Makes for easier night time feedings. We have decided on an owl theme for her room with nice soft pink walls and white furniture. BTW, Nursery furniture costs a FORTUNE. We opted for a 4-1 it converts from Crib, to toddler bed, to day bed, to a full sized double I believe. Its buying all the conversion kits that really screws with the price, but I was worried that by the time we needed them we wouldn't be able to get them anymore.

We've also purchased a baby swing, bouncy chair that vibrates and plays music, a playpen with bassinet. The purchase that I am most excited about is my super duper jogging stroller, comes with an infant car seat that will eventually need to be replaced once she reaches 25lbs but man this is once nice stroller!! It will be prefect for Jogging when we are ready to get back out there as well as going on the trails because the wheels are basically bicycle tires. So as far as big items I think we are pretty much set....just need to stock up on diapers, baby wipes, bottles etc. I will wait until after my baby shower to see what I still need to buy

These last 3 weeks have been absolute hell for me, I have never been this sick in my life. Started as a cold and being pregnant there is nothing I can take for it so it just got worse and worse. I have been to the hospital emergency twice in the last 2 weeks. The first time was because I was having a hard time breathing so they put me on 2 different puffers. Second time was because every time I coughed it felt like someone was stabbing me in the side, turns out I have developed Pleurisy and again nothing they can give me other than over the counter Tylenol. I just have to take it easy..I was worried because the baby wasn't moving as much as she normally does, but they did an ultrasound and she was in there wiggling around and her heart rate was just fine. Dr explained that because my body is so rundown and tired that I am just not noticing her movements.

Now because I am getting close to the end my appointments have gone from once a month to every other week. I will be going next week to see her and then I think she said she would be ordering another ultrasound for around 34 weeks..

I can't wait to meet my little Angel

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