Monday, December 14, 2009

Dangerous CURVES Ahead

Today I bit the bullet and joined Curves. This is something I have been wanting to do for some time now.
Last week we went to check out the new YMCA in Trenton, but I was ready to walk out the minute I walked in. It was far too big for me, too many people, machines too close together, too many skinny women and not enough That same night I went to Curves in Brighton and got a tour there and knew immediately that this was the place for me to join.
I went today and had my consultation, the trainer was amazing and showed me how to use all the machines, and I joined for a year.
It is really a good work out, I was beat after and I didn't even do the full 2 rounds. I'll have to work up to that, considering I haven't done any kind real exercise since College and even then it was just walking to school everyday.
Most of the machines were very easy to use, the only ones I had troubles with were the leg presses because my tummy is big and it was getting in the way. The Squat machine was the other one that I didn't like, they call it the "Beast" lol.
I couldn't get over how friendly the staff as well as the other members were, everyone made me feel very welcome, and man they encourage you. But they don't push you to do more than you can handle which is nice. You don't' have to feel ashamed if you have to quit early.
The lady that was working with me told me that she knows exactly how I feel about anxiety because she suffers from the same thing, she said that she spent months in her house just like I did. Its nice to know that people understand and don't' think you are crazy.
Anyway, I'm very excited about this new part of my journey and I think I'm going to have a blast

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  1. Im so happy that you joined, I know for a while that you have been wanting to join them and very happy you did. I'm sooooo proud of you :) I love you