Monday, December 14, 2009

On the Road Again

This isn't really a weight related post, but its something i'm very proud of. This past weekend I drove my car for the first time in just over 3 years. Man what a feeling, it was such a rush to finally be behind the wheel again. I was nervous, excited, scared, anxious, I think I experience just about every emotion possible.
I started to not be able to drive when I was having my panic attacks. But then my weight got so out of control that I couldn't fit behind the steering wheel comfortably. Its been months since I was able to get rid of my seat belt extender, but it wasn't until last weekend that I was ready to tackle driving. I even had to move the seat UP!!!. Darren was with me, and I think I confused the hell out of Griffin who was in the back seat and I'm sure wondering why I was in Daddy's seat.
I'm definitely not ready to drive my car by myself, but if I continue to practice with Darren or someone else in the car with me , I'm sure I'll get there eventually

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  1. Babe you dont need " practice " you did great!!!! yes poor griffin was confused lol bnut again I was proud of you