Sunday, November 29, 2015

November Update

We have TEETH!! 2 to be exact, they just popped through on the bottom yesterday and she has been in a much better mood today. She can sit on her own now once you prop her up, but she still can't pull herself to a sitting position, but she is trying hard.

 We had a meeting with the infant development nurse and even though she isn't concerned with her not crawling or pulling herself up yet, she is going to continue to meet with us every 2 weeks. This is just to help develop these skills through play.

  We have been going to baby massage classes which she TOTALLY loves!! I mean who wouldn't love laying there and being massaged?!?
Yesterday we went and did all our Christmas shopping and we went a small little store called The British Isles Shoppe. They had this adorable little shit that said "Canadian made with Scottish roots" so OBVIOUSLY I had to get that for my little Scottish princess!! While we were there I noticed they had a section with TONS of soccer stuff, so Isabel bought mommy a Liverpool mug for Christmas (ok, so I bought it for myself ... but whatever ) 

 Today was the Santa Clause Parade in my hometown so we went and I think she had a blast (once she woke up lol)

Girl and her Dog

Sitting on her own

Waiting for the parade to start
She spotted some BIG doggies

With Mommy

Mommy and Daddy


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