Sunday, September 20, 2009

One Down

Tonight I was bored and decided to dig out some of my clothes that I hadn't been able to wear for awhile to see if i've made any progress. Even though I don't know how many pounds I have lost, I do know that i'm down one pant size!!!! One month...One pant size, and they weren't even stretchy they were jeans. I am so proud of myself.
I'm noticing that each and every day i'm getting more and more energy, and I want to be out doing things.

I also wanted to mention something new that i've tried that is super tasty. New Triscuit Parmesan Garlic Thin Crisps. They are 100% whole grain. 10 crackers is a serving...I can only eat 3 or 4 of them at a time. so per one serving of 10 crackers there are 90 calories, 3g Fat, 120 mg sodium, 2g Protein. I've used these with my tuna, but they would taste amazing with Hummus


  1. That's so exciting!!! GOOD JOB :)

  2. That is Awesome! Adda Girl..I'm so happy for you Melissa!!!

  3. Way to go Missy....Your on your way.