Wednesday, September 2, 2009

One Week Out

Hey Guys!! Everyone has been on my butt about updating my blog, so I figured on my one week would be a good time to do it.
The first few days after surgery at the hotel were pretty painful. I had a lot of gas rolling around inside me of me and no way to get it But as the days have gone on things have got much more comfortable. I only have a little bit of pain on my left side right now, and its pretty much only when I move around to quickly.
So for the last week I've just been taking it easy. I'm drinking 4 ounces of my Atkins protein shake three times a day (which tastes really good over ice). In between I may have a couple ounces of jello, or a sugar free Popsicle. The first few days if I ate or drank, i would get a really sharp pain between my breasts. I found out that this is where my new stomach (pouch) is located, and that feeling is telling me that i'm I've never experienced a full feeling before. Anyway, after a week i'm not getting that feeling anymore, so maybe my pouch has stretched a bit and is used to the amount of liquids i'm putting in. I wonder if it will come back when i start to add some solid foods.
Tomorrow i get to add Plain yogurt, plain oatmeal, cottage cheese and loose mashed potatoes to my menu. Along with the jello, crystal light, Popsicle...etc..etc. I've never been so excited to have cottage cheese or mashed potatoes in my life. I've been on liquids for going on 11 days now, so having something solid is going to be awesome.
Today my arm was a little bit sore, and then by evening it was really swollen, tender, red, and if you touched it, it was hot. These are symptoms of a blood clot, so I got scared and went to the emergency room. The Dr I saw thinks it may be just an infection from where my iv was, or it possibly could be a blood clot, but he doesn't think so. Anyway, they gave me a prescription for antibiotics. Also for the past 5 days Darren has been giving me injections of a blood thinner called Fragmin, so at the hospital they gave me a bigger dose of it. I am going back in the morning to get a ultrasound of my arm done...I'll let ya know what happens...but for now, i'm tired and cranky, so I'm going to

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